Service & support

Due to the fact that we are a smaller scale family run business we pride ourselves on offering the best service possible.

This means that our customers get a more personal and friendly service when purchasing goods and throughout the items' life cycle.

We still believe that trying to repair an item before replacing is usually worth considering. Especially in this "throw away society!" 

Appliance repairs : We understand that you won't always want to replace a faulty item. Repairing machines that have delevoped an issue is still very much a big part of our business. 
We have a service engineer who can come to you, inspect the machine and offer a quote for a repair.
The best part though-If your appliance is deemed beyond economical repair and you purchase a replacement from us, you will not be charged a penny for the engineers callout!         
Minumum charge of £25 + VAT for this service.

Workshop repairs : We also have a repair service on site at Gilbert and Vanstone. If you have a smaller item (for instance a toaster, hair dryer, small screen television etc) that you would like us to inspect we are able to do that on site and offer a quote for a repair. 
Vacuum cleaner servicing is also a service we offer at the shop. We will clean out the unit, replace anything that needs updating and give it a good test to make sure it works to the standard you would expect.
Minimum charge of £15 for this service.

Aerial repairs/replacements : We work alongside a local aerial installer so if you have any signal issues or require a quote for a new installation give us a call. We will take all of your info and requirements and then arrange your job or get someone to call you or email with a quote.

Call out TV/miscellaneous : We also offer a call out service for problems you may have with operating items (such as televisions, recorders, audio systems etc) and can come to you and see how we can assist with the issue. If you are struggling to operate your item/require a retune on a television/need a cooker timer set/need some advice on replacement sizes etc.
Minimum charge of £18 + VAT for these services.

Spare parts : We stock a wide range of spares. Anything from Henry vacuum bags to a Cooker element. We also take special orders for parts so if there is anything you need then just get in touch!

Electrical parts : We also have a selection of electrical contractor goods. Junction boxes, fuses, plugs etc. 

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